Who can join the program?

● 8th-10th graders seeking an empowering and meaningful experience for their high-school years.
● Teenagers with values, willing to take initiative and volunteer, who seek meaning and wish to take part in a different kind of education – one that focuses on action, connecting to the land and nature.
● Students motivated to undertake actual agricultural work
● Responsible students capable of focused matriculation exam studies.
● Curious students open to both material and spiritual learning.
● Students who love hiking and enjoy challenges
● The program is open to both secular and religious Jews, as part of our inclusive worldview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Program’s timetable? What does an average day look like?
Are the studies organized according to the students’ age?
What percentage of students pass the matriculation exams?
Do the farmers really need the youngsters’ help? How is the duty roster set?
Do local students take part in the program? Is boarding compulsory?
Who is on the Program’s teaching staff? What training have they undergone?
Does the program staff stay with the students at night?
Does agricultural work help finance a student’s studies?
Does the school network help students both pedagogically and in cases of personal/emotional/social issues/learning difficulties?
Does the program prepare students for their compulsory military service?
How much does the Program cost?
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